Popeyes Is Getting In On GameStop Mania With Free Chicken Tenders [Video]

Brands attempting to cash in on a cultural moment like the GameStop stock saga is inevitable, but I’m not sure Popeyes really knew what they were getting into with this one. On Monday, the fast food chain Popeyes announced it’d be running a promotion for “Free Tendies for All” in response to the ongoing story of Reddit day traders pumping stocks like GameStop, AMC, Blackberry, and Nokia that hedge fund traders bet against.

via: Uproxx

Right now, there’s a battle raging between the elite Wall Street hedge fund class and people on the internet who have developed a deep hatred for predatory investing. Whether you’re a Reddit retail investor, know someone who is, or merely enjoying watching from the sidelines, there’s a fair chance you’ve become pretty invested (har, har) in seeing where the story of stonks-gone-wild is headed.

The current stock craze has even attracted the eyes of Popeyes — which has made it very clear that in this saga, the fast-food chain is on the side of the people. By offering them free fried chicken.

In a promotional campaign called #Tendies4Yall, Popeyes is offering a free 3pc order of chicken tenders with a minimum purchase of $5. “Tendies aren’t for the elite few, they’re for everyone” reads Popeyes’ ad for the promo, which shows chicken tenders climbing straight to the moon like a hot stock.

To claim your free tenders, download the Popeyes app and checkout using the promo codes — and this is our favorite part — $GME, $AMC, $NOK, or $BB, which are the stock ticker symbols for Game Stop, AMC, Nokia, and Blackberry, four of the most popular stocks behind this whole story. The free chicken tenders deal is only valid for today, so it looks like you’re doing Popeyes for lunch!

Popeyes really does have one of the best marketing teams, the way they had people running out fighting, shooting, killing each other over a chicken sandwich 2 years ago. Jumping in on this story is brilliant.

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