Police Say 'Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta' Star Tommie Lee Lied About Police Brutality Incident [Video]

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‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Tommie Lee uploaded (and deleted) dashcam footage to Instagram from an incident in which she claims she was brutalized by law enforcement.

In the clips, an officer approaches Tommie in the backseat of an SUV and asks her to get out of the car — repeatedly. After Tommie refuses to get out, the officer grabs her, throws her down on the ground, and places her in handcuffs. He then pulls Tommie to her feet and she stumbles to the back of the police car.

But is there more to the story?

According to the officer who arrested her, Tommie was driving while drunk and tried to switch things up.

via TMZ:

According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — when deputies pulled the Jeep over in the ATL area they noticed lots of movement in the vehicle.

Deputies say the guy in the driver’s seat first lied, but then admitted he had switched with Tommie — who jumped in the back.

That would explain why deputies wanted Tommie out of the backseat. They demanded she step out of the vehicle several times, but she held her ground. Deputies then pulled her out and hooked her up.

Cops say Tommie’s eyes were watery, bloodshot and her speech was slurred, so she was booked for drunk driving, disorderly conduct and driving on an expired license.

And, for bad measure, she peed herself in the cruiser on the way to the station.

Tommie tells us the police report is BS, and insists she did nothing wrong. On the peeing … she blames deputies for not taking her to a bathroom.

Watch the clips below. Do you think the officer was to rough with Tommie — or was he doing his job?

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