Police Cite Building Owner for Wild Chicago Houseparty Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Adult Son to Blame

The Chicago house party that streamed live with hundreds of guests potentially spreading the coronavirus has resulted in fines for the building owner.

via TMZ:

TMZ confirmed Chi-Town officials have hit the owner with fines, and cited her for disorderly conduct — namely, violating the state’s stay-at-home orders. The fees will be determined by the court at a later date … and a city alderman said the owner’s been put “on notice.”

Reports also say the woman’s adult kid was to blame for the dangerous party. Apparently he had keys to the place and disarmed the alarms for the rager. Unclear if his ma knew what he was doing, but officials say he’s previously thrown at least one other party this size.

Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, had some strong words for everyone who attended the event, saying eventually everyone who participated will be held accountable. She hammered the partygoers, saying … “What happened in that scene was just foolish and reckless. There’s got to be a level of personal responsibility for that. Millennials aren’t children.”

Mayor Lightfoot added, “Millennials — many of `em — are in their 20’s. They’re fully functioning adults. And, we expect adults to act responsibly — particularly at a time of a pandemic.”

It’s one thing for people to willing go to a party and risk their health, but we feel bad for everyone who will inadvertently come in contact with one of the reckless partygoers and COVID-19.

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