PodcastOne Founder Norm Pattiz Sued for Brandishing a Gun and Threatening an Employee to Falsify Podcast Download Numbers

Norm Pattiz, the man behind popular podcast network PodcastOne is being sued for his habit of whipping out a loaded gun and knife during meetings with a producer.

via TMZ:

Raymond Hernandez says Pattiz brandished a handgun in their office on multiple occasions, and also bragged about his deep ties with law enforcement. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, he says the broadcasting mogul would sometimes place the gun on his desk with the barrel pointed at Hernandez.

According to the suit, the boss man flaunted the firepower in order to intimidate Hernandez — who says he was told to juice the numbers on podcast downloads in order to boost advertising revenue. Hernandez says he let it be known around the office he wasn’t comfortable fudging numbers, and was fired shortly thereafter.

Hernandez says the gun play was also motivated by revenge. Last year, comedian Heather McDonald aired a recording of Pattiz sexually harassing her while she was on the job — he made a comment about supporting her breasts. In the docs, Hernandez says Pattiz thinks he leaked the audio to Heather, and eventually pressured Hernandez’s new employer to 86 him.

Hernandez, with his attorney Rob Reichman, is suing Pattiz for assault, wrongful termination and whistleblower retaliation.

We’re not going to get into our own shady experiences with PodcastOne — that’s all in the past. However, since we’re on the topic be sure to check out ‘The B. Scott Show’ podcast on iTunes and Google Play!

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