Out of Pocket! Video Shows High School Students Punching, Kicking Vice Principal During Cafeteria Brawl

Three students at a school in St. Louis have been arrested after a viral video shows them assaulting an assistant principal who tried to stop a fight.

via NYDN:

The incident took place on Monday at Oakville High School when a 15-year old and two 16-year old students began fighting in the cafeteria, according to the St. Louis County Police Department.

Snapchat video shows the vice principal trying to intervene but instead he is punched, kicked and tackled to the ground.

No one was severely injured — the three students were seen by a school nurse while the assistant principal was sent to a local urgent care for treatment, police say.

The students will be referred to St. Louis Family Courts for further investigation.

A letter from the principal was sent to parents saying, “all of our staff and students are OK.”

“We are investigating the matter, and discipline will be rendered as detailed in our district disciplinary policy,” the letter said.

Once kids start willingly throwing hands at authority figures, legal consequences (and counseling) are the only remaining options.

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