Piers Morgan Reshares Meme Blaming Women For Coronavirus [Photos]

The talk show host had a field day posting pandemic-themed memes.

Piers Morgan shared a meme on Wednesday that joked about the coronavirus being created by women.

The talk show host took to Instagram to re-post a cheeky list of reasons why closures, shut downs and self-isolation from the pandemic are affecting activities favored by the male population, according to the author.

“PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve worked out the Coronavirus!! It’s been created by women!!” read the meme, which Piers captioned, “Makes perfect sense… ?”

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Makes perfect sense… ?

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“Think about it lads,” the meme continued. “1 – No sports. 2 – All pubs to shut. 3 – 14 days quarantine (so you can finally get those odd jobs done) 4 – Symptoms of corona are flu-like… they know that’s our kryponite. 5 – They even had the audacity to name it after a beer.”

The meme even ended on a call to arms, saying, “Share this far and wide, lads, before they (women) take it down.”

Piers did appear to add some gravity to the situation with his follow-up post which revealed a snap of the outside of his home office, adorned with several warnings about washing hands and sanitizing phones, handmade by his young daughter.

“Current scene outside my office at home. Elise, 8, operating the kind of zero tolerance strategy our Government should be deploying,” the 54-year-old captioned the image.

A day later, Piers’ funny bone had all but disappeared as he shared a message via Instagram from a nurse who said she had been left “heartbroken” after having to “say goodbye to her pregnant daughter” due to self-quarantining.

The nurse didn’t want to risk “passing anything on to her.”

“Got this message from a nurse in Wales named Nicky Waldron which shows the incredible sacrifice & dedication our NHS heroes are all showing right now,” Piers captioned the emotional post.

“Thanks Nicky & good luck to you, your daughter & everyone on the NHS frontline. ?”

But wait, an hour later, the comedian was back to his old tricks as he posted a picture of a man embracing a woman from behind with his face close to her neck.

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A dialogue bubble had the man saying, “You smell so nice, what are you wearing?”

Wait for it.

“Dettol,” the woman replied, referencing a British brand of disinfectant.

Oh, Piers.

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