Phil Robertson Introduces 45-Year-Old Daughter He Never Knew About to the World

In a new podcast interview, the “Duck Dynasty” star is joined by his wife and secret daughter.

“Duck Dynasty” fans know Phil Robertson, but this week they also met his daughter, Phyllis.

The reality star confirmed last week he found out he fathered a child after an affair in the ’70s and recently met his daughter for the first time. On Sunday, she joined Phil, his sons Al and Jase and wife Miss Kay for an episode of their “Unashamed” podcast.

According to Phyllis, she always thought she was different than her siblings — and those suspicions were confirmed when one of her sons took a DNA test and things just didn’t “make sense.”

“I wasn’t shocked. I’m thinking this might be a moment that what I’ve suspected all along might be true,” she explained.

After taking another DNA test herself, it confirmed her siblings were actually just her half-siblings. Eventually, she narrowed her potential fathers down to Phil and sent two letters to him explaining she thought she was his daughter.

When those went unreturned, she went to watch him give a sermon, before approaching Jase and handing him a third letter. Both Jase and Al looked into it and eventually a DNA test confirmed Phyllis was their sister.

Phyllis revealed she actually didn’t know much about “Duck Dynasty,” as she was on a mission when it was popular. “It was not on our radar,” she explained, adding that she decided against watching much of it before meeting Phil.

“I knew he is married, I did not want to hurt her,” Phyllis said, referring to Miss Kaye. She recalled telling the boys, “If this is something that’s going to upset her, we can stop this right now.”

Eventually, she made her way back down to Louisiana to meet the entire family for the first time. “Everybody had warned me that he’s not very nurturing and be prepared,” recalled Phyllis. “If they hadn’t told me that, I would have never known. I found you to be very nurturing, grabbed me by the hands.”

“I did tell her, pretty quickly, ‘Girl, you’re the best thing that ever came out of my past,” said Robertson, who has been very open about his infidelity and alcohol abuse before becoming born again.

“Until she showed up, I had nothing good to say about what happened before I repented,” he said. “I just walled it off.”

“What’s interesting is that mother named you, not telling you who your father is, but named you Phyllis,” he added, saying it was a “very weird” choice.

Phyllis then went on to praise Miss Kaye as a “gracious, kind, godly woman,” before Phil’s wife opened up about what it was like for her during his more troubled years.

“Everybody I knew and every member of my family and your family, except your mom and dad, said, ‘You’re an idiot to stay with him. You’re gonna be like a welcome mat,” she revealed. Saying her grandmother helped talk her into staying, Kaye added, “She told me to fight for my marriage and that’s what I did.”

“Other people would say, ‘Why would you live with him, he’s a jerk? He two timed me,” she went on, saying the Bible would have given her an out on that one. “I said, I know, but I choose to stay because I want my three boys to have this home.”

As for now being the step-mom to a daughter, Kaye said that was “the bright surprise of it all.”

“I never thought he could produce a girl,” she said. “I wanted a girl the whole time and no can do. I was just thrilled beyond belief.”

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