Phaedra Parks Forced to Come Clean About Her Knowledge of Apollo Nida's Crimes


Phaedra Parks has been able to scoot on by relatively unharmed in regards to her husband Apollo Nida’s criminal activities and subsequent conviction — but not any more.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is being forced to share her knowledge of Apollo’s illegal activity in an upcoming deposition, according to TMZ.

Phaedra will be grilled by attorneys for author Angela Stanton — who Phaedra sued for defamation. Stanton wrote a book suggesting Parks knew all about Apollo Nida’s illegal activities. Phaedra was already deposed once in the case, but stonewalled attorneys when it came to Apollo.

Now a judge has ordered Phaedra to sit for a 2nd deposition and answer those questions. Stanton’s lawyers say they need the info from Parks, so they can mount a proper defense in the defamation case.

While we find it hard to  believe Phaedra knew absolutely nothing of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s wrongdoings, let’s just hope she has her story straight. We’re sure Apollo’s gonna air out whatever he can about Phaedra in his upcoming tell-all book anyway.

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