Pete Davidson Is Leaning Into His BDE With A Brand New Holiday-Themed Manscaping Commercial [Video]

Pete Davidson is continuing to rack up TV roles, film credits and endorsement deals.

via: Uproxx

The Saturday Night Live to commercial spokesperson pipeline is very real, as evidenced by the latest handful of commercials that have been making the rounds as of late. Of course, SNL‘s (former) golden child Pete Davidson had to get in on the marketing plan and sell some manscaping kits in a new ad.

While that sounds like any old weekend for Davidson, he’s actually promoting Manscaped, a grooming company that hired Davidson as a spokesperson over the summer, when he was newly unemployed and single. It was a rough year for him, but things are looking up!

In his new holiday ad, Davidson and his mom are seen celebrating Christmas morning, though his personal groomer seemed to have been stolen by Santa Claus himself, who leaves a disgusting trail of hair to the fireplace. Does this sound like a scrubbed SNL bit? Yeah! Are we also sick of talking about Davidson and his various bodily achievements? Also yes, but it is what it is.

Even though Davidson and his BDE have exited the late-night scene, he seems to be enjoying his free time by making brand deals. The comedian told People, “It’s not every day you find a brand that appreciates and even encourages a good ball joke.” Do you think Pete cares that everyone is always talking about his penis? Probably not.

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