Patti LaBelle Says She Loves James Wright, But Takes the Credit for Her Pie Success: 'I Did It Myself, I Was Selling Out Before' [Video]

Patti LaBelle Pie Credit

Patti LaBelle says that while the loves and thanks James Wright for that glorious YouTube review of her pies, she was selling out long before his video went viral.

via TMZ:

The famous diva whose pies have flown off the shelves at just about every Walmart in the US of A was not sharing credit as she showed up to the London hotel in a very rainy NYC. Patti loves James Wright, but she says the success is all hers.

BTW … it’s insane what’s happening with the pies … some are going for $100 on Craigslist. We called 30 Walmart stores and they said December is the earliest they’ll be restocked. 

We don’t know about all that, Patti. We hadn’t even heard of the pies until that video…but carry on.

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