Paternity Test Confirms Flavor Flav Is the Father of 3-Year-Old Boy

Flavor Flav is a new dad at 63.

via Complex:

According to TMZ, the 63-year-old entertainer recently learned he is the father of a 3-year-old boy named Jordan. The outlet reports Flav had some initial doubts about the child’s paternity; but that all changed after he took a DNA test that confirmed the toddler was, in fact, his kid.

Jordan’s mother is reportedly Flav’s former manager Kate Gammell, who was romantically involved with the Public Enemy member several years ago. Gammell’s parents—Barry and Parchi Gammell—tell TMZ their daughter is no longer working for Flav, but the two seem to be on good terms.

The former couple have reached a child support and custody agreement, and have filed legal documents to change Jordan’s last name from Gammell to Drayton; the latter of which is Flav’s government surname.

Shortly after Jordan was born, Gammell filed a paternity suit against Flav, who agreed to take a DNA test. According to HipHopDX, the results confirmed the rapper was the boy’s father; however, Gammell said Flav rejected the findings and cut off all communication with her. She told the outlet she struggled to financially support her child, prompting her to sell merch for extra income.

“When I told him I was pregnant with his child, Flavor let me go and I was left with thousands of dollars of Flavor Flav merch that I had purchased with my own money,” Gammell said to HipHopDX earlier this year. “Jordan is not getting any child support from Flavor and I needed money for Jordan’s everyday needs. So, I decided to pull out the merch and sell it to help my son and give a percentage to Children’s Hospital. I doubt I will recoup the money that I put into this, but I don’t care, as any money towards Jordan’s needs is important. The support for Jordan has been fantastic so far.”

The mother’s parents say Flav is now quite involved in Jordan’s life, even teaching his toddler son how to play the drums.

Flav now has eight confirmed children with four different women. The kids are Dazyna, Quanah, William, Karma, Shaniq, Karren, and Kayla.

Cute kid. That’s all we got.

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