Parishioner From Defiant Pastor Tony Spell's Church Dies From COVID-19 [Video]

Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell is down one faithful parishioner.

According to reports, a 78-year-old man who was a member of Life Tabernacle Church has reportedly died from COVID-19. A

The man’s cause of death was “acute respiratory distress syndrome, 2nd pneumonia, 2nd COVID-19.”

His death comes after Tony Spell defied stay-at-home orders and continued holding packed church services in spite of the coronavirus. 

Tony Spell disputed the man’s cause of death, saying he died of a broken heart after recently losing his son.

It’s unclear when the 78-year-old last attended one of the church services, but it should be noted that Pastor Spell’s lawyer has contracted COVID-19 and was last at church April 2 and April 5 — Palm Sunday.

via TMZ:

He tells us he shook hands with the controversial pastor that day, but added Spell sanitized his hands immediately afterward. Wittenbrink says Spell does that after he shakes hands with everyone.

He also says he did NOT go to Easter Sunday service and his wife decided not to attend either … given his condition. That being said, he doesn’t think he contracted the virus while attending church.

Instead, Wittenbrink thinks he picked it up the previous week while doing his daily business and going to drug stores, grocery stores and hardware stores.

The Baton Rouge lawyer is repping Spell’s Life Tabernacle Church in its fight to defy the state’s stay-at-home order. All of this as Louisiana approaches nearly 2,000 hospitalizations due to the coronavirus.

As we first reported … Spell said his parishioners are true Christians who wouldn’t mind dying from the virus because they’d be doing so in the name of God and freedom.

Spell’s church was packed on Easter Sunday … and it seems nothing will stop him from continuing to do so. He’s already been arrested once, and the police say they’re working with the D.A. to build a case against him.

We can’t say we didn’t see any of this coming…

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