Paris Jackson Gives Her Brothers the Spotlight on New Episode of Unfiltered [Video]

Paris opens up about her relationships with all three of her siblings.

While Michael Jackson only had three children — Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson — they all consider longtime family friend Omer Bhatti their “oldest brother.”

Both Omer and Prince get the spotlight on the latest episode of “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn,” as they joined their sister on the set of her music video — which Prince also produced.

“I consider myself an older brother because when Prince was born, my mom was hired to be Prince’s nanny,” explained Omer. “Paris, she was a baby, I would say almost partly raised her. She’s my little sister in every way.”

Bhatti said he considered Michael Jackson “a mentor and a father figure” when he was growing up, learning dance moves from the late King of Pop — who apparently referred to Omer as “a mini version of him.”

“I always wanted younger siblings and I got that from Prince, Paris and [Blanket],” he added, saying Paris has always been a bit of a rebel.

Talking about the differences between her relationship with Omer versus Prince, Paris said she feels “recharged” whenever she spends time with Bhatti.

“We’ve really never had issues, never fought, never had arguments,” she explained. “Whereas Prince, who’s 14 months older than me, of course we get into tiffs and fights, it’s normal for siblings who are so close in age.”

She also briefly mentioned Blanket, saying, “My little brother is just so insanely smart when it comes to film as well, he wants to be a director.”

While both Omer and Prince consider themselves protective of their sister, they fully approved of her relationship with Gabe.

“For us, it doesn’t matter who she’s dating, we couldn’t care less about that person,” said Prince. “It’s more about if they’re right for her, if they treat her right and she’s actually happy in that relationship.”

Omer said they can see Gabe makes Paris happy and feel protected, which is all that matters to him. Glenn, meanwhile, said the Jackson family has been welcoming to him since Day 1.

The episode followed Prince as he produced the music video for The Soundflowers’ song “Your Look (Glorious),” which you can watch above.

Despite a minor hiccup when Paris and Gabe ditched the shoot to grab some food — which Prince called “stupid” — it largely went down without a hitch.

“I know I’m a handful, I know I’m a lot,” admitted Paris, “but sometimes all you can do is laugh. [Prince] kicked ass.”

Prince explained this is just the beginning for him, as he plans to one day helm a script his father helped write before his death.

New episode of “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn” drop Tuesdays on Facebook Watch.

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