Ouch! Janice Dickinson Hospitalized After Collision With Metal Parking Garage Door [Photos]

Janice Dickinson Injury Lovebscott 3

Supermodel Janice Dickinson has had a rough year.

The 58-year-old former model filed for bankruptcy after getting herself into around $1 million worth of debt, and now she’s been injured.

Here’s what happened:

It all went down outside the Rite Aid drug store in Beverly Hills … when Janice was walking underneath the gate and had a collision with the crossbar.

Janice says she was knocked to the ground … and sustained damage to her knee … but she tried to go on with her day without medical attention.

But later that night, Janice says the pain began to set in … and she couldn’t sleep. So first thing Friday morning, she went to UCLA medical center … where doctors ran tests and determined she suffered a pretty gnarly concussion.

Janice is now recovering at home … but says she still feels “pretty horrible.”

via TMZ

Janice Dickinson Injury Lovebscott 2

Janice Dickinson Injury Lovebscott

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