One More Time! Oprah Says She's NOT Running for President...Again [Video]

Oprah Winfrey wants to make it clear she has absolutely no plans to run for president — or any public office, for that matter.

via TMZ:

Oprah was taping an interview with the “Hamilton” creator Wednesday at the Apollo for her upcoming batch of ‘SuperSoul Conversations’ that are dropping in March, and she said it clear as day after Lin-Manuel said he wasn’t running for public office … “I’m not either!”

The audience erupted in laughter/shock — some people sounded downright upset O finally batted down the rumor … which had been swirling since her incredible Golden Globes speech.

Oprah previously denied running for president in an interview with InStyle, but later it was revealed the interview took place days before her Golden Globes speech. Many had hope she since changed her mind.

She hasn’t.

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