One Of The Thieves Who Robbed Kim Kardashian At Gunpoint Feels No Guilt And Blames Her For The Incident [Video]

In October 2016, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room, with around $10 million worth of jewelry being taken — including her $4 million Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring.

via: Uproxx

“[The robber] grabbed me, and I was wearing a robe, and I wasn’t wearing anything under it,” Kardashian told David Letterman years later. “I was like, OK, this is the time I’m going to get raped. Just deal, it’s going to happen. Just prepare yourself.” Thankfully, Kardashian was able to escape, but she still suffers from anxiety over the incident, understandably so. “I definitely took a year where I got really paranoid of people knowing my whereabouts,” she said.

One of the thieves, Yunis Abbas, who spent nearly two years in prison before he was granted early release, spoke to Vice News about the robbery. Abbas didn’t know who Kardashian was before the robbery, but he caught an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where she “threw her diamond in the pool” and thought to himself, “She’s got a lot of money. This lady doesn’t care at all.” As research, “I went on the internet and I saw her jewelry. I saw her ring. I saw that she showed it everywhere,” Abbas explained. “We knew this information through social media. We knew that she was coming for Fashion Week, so we went there to do some reconnaissance so we were sure.”

Abbas feels no guilt for what happened to Kardashian:

“Since she was throwing money away, I was there to collect it, and that was that. Guilty? No, I don’t care,” Abbas sniffed to VICE News in an interview published Saturday. “They should be a little less showy towards people who can’t afford it,” he said of Kardashian and other celebrities who flaunt their wealth online. “For some people, it’s provocative.”

You can watch the Vice interview below.

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