Omarosa Injured & Rushed to Hospital on 'Celebrity Big Brother,' Housemates Think She Faked an Asthma Attack [Video]

Omarosa managed to injure herself in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house and got rushed to the hospital.

There was a Head of Household competition on Friday night where the houseguests reportedly had to get dizzy and bowl. When the houseguests came back from the competition, fans found out Omarosa was taken to the hospital.

via TMZ:

The news came out in a convo between Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur about the HoH competition, with Ross questioning if Omarosa would be allowed to come back. Marissa tells him injuries happen on the show — like Christmas Abbott’s broken ankle last season — and the houseguests can return. Then she says, about Omarosa … “I put her in the hospital.”

It’s unclear what medical issue Omarosa had, but considering Mathews and Winokur were joking about it … it doesn’t seem too serious.

Later in the night, Marissa disclosed on the live feed that — as of this writing —  Omarosa’s still not back in the house.

She also suggested that Omarosa may have faked an asthma attack so she could leave and get some rest at the hospital.

Check out video of Ross and Marissa’s initial conversation below.

Update: TMZ is reporting she’s back.

CBS confirmed Omarosa received medical attention Friday night and Saturday for an asthma attack, and says the development will be addressed on Sunday night’s broadcast.

We’re told her time away from the house was consistent with past houseguests who’ve had to leave for short-term medical care.

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