Omarosa Claims Claudia Jordan Slept Her Way to the Top, Claudia Responds [Exclusive]

Claudia Jordan and Omarosa have made numerous headlines recently over their public falling out during Celebrity Apprentice. It was revealed to Claudia on The Wendy Williams Show that Omarosa’s issue with her began when Claudia tweeted from Omarosa’s fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral.

Claudia quipped that she found it odd that Omarosa would take issue with her tweet considering the fact that Omarosa herself had a red carpet at the ceremony and was holding press interviews at the funeral. She then went into detail, mentioning that there was even a photographer next to the casket and revealed some pretty serious secrets from filming Celebrity Apprentice.

Get into what Claudia had to say below:

Omarosa got the opportunity to speak her piece during her interview with The Breakfast Club and wasted no time throwing daggers of her own, claiming Claudia slept her way to the top.

In an exclusive statement to, Claudia Jordan responds to Omarosa’s allegations:

It’s pathetic that a so-called reverend would choose to use such trashy and vulgar language as well as defame someone she refers to as “sis.” She’s doing a huge disservice to the people that were open-minded enough to take her seriously as a woman of God. Nothing I said about Omarosa was slanderous or untrue.

If she has a problem with me recounting exactly what I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears (along with La Toya Jackson and Brande Roderick and more), then perhaps she should behave in a manner more befitting of a woman of the cloth, in my humble opinion.

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