Omar Epps & Wife Sued by Former Nanny, Claims She Was Overworked and Underpaid


Omar Epps and his wife allegedly took advantage of their hired nanny — and now she’s suing for overtime and unpaid wages.

via TMZ:

Alba Hernandez says she put in 8 years with Omar and his wife Keisha … taking care of their 2 kids. But she says she also ran errands for the Epps fam and took care of their pets.

Alba says her household duties required way more than your average 9 to 5. She says she put in more than 40 hours a week, but never got any overtime. She admits she made decent money … $65k per year, but clearly feels she would’ve made much more on an hourly rate.

She doesn’t says how or why she stopped working for Omar and Keisha, but she’s suing for back wages and unpaid overtime.

If she worked for it, she deserves the coins — don’t you think?

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