You Okay? Dennis Rodman Breaks Down in Tears While Discussing North Korea [Video]

Dennis Rodman got emotional while discussing…North Korea.

via TMZ:

As happy as a lot of folks might’ve been seeing the U.S. and North Korea meet peacefully, no one was as jubilant as Dennis Rodman … dude was literally crying tears of joy.

Rodman went on CNN shortly after President Trump met Kim Jong-un Tuesday, where he had streams coming down his face — albeit behind sunglasses — and praised the historic summit … which he’s insinuated he had a role in brokering by softening up Kim.

As you might know … Rodman has been the U.S.’s unofficial spokesperson on all things North Korea for a while now — even bringing over a basketball team to the country to get on Kim’s good side. He also claims he got Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal,” in Kim’s hands.

Welp, all that diplomacy seems to have paid off … in Dennis’ mind, anyway. While he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo he didn’t want any credit … he went on to brag that Trump’s secretary called him to say the Prez was proud of the work he’d done. 

Watch the clip below.

For your viewing pleasure. [via @cnn]

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