Oh Really? Gilbert Arenas Says He Has PLENTY of Money for Him and His Kids, He's Just Hiding It From Laura Govan [Video]


Gilbert Arenas may have told the courts that he’s too broke and unable to continue putting his children in private school, but that’s NOT what he’s telling the rest of the world.

According to several Snapchat videos he shared today, Gilbert IS paid — he’s just hiding his money from his ex, Laura Govan.

via TMZ:

We broke the story … Gilbert filed court docs in his family law case saying his $111 million NBA contract pays out on Oct. 31st — and once that day comes, he won’t be able to afford to pay for his kids’ expensive private school.

In the docs, Gilbert makes it very clear he’ll be living on interest from previous investments — and not rollin’ like a $160 MILLION baller.  

But after TMZ Sports posted the story … Gilbert posted a video of his own — showing off his kids messing around with thousands of dollars in cash and bragging that he’s “hiding” it from his baby mama, Laura Govan.

Gilbert also shows off his kids’ safety deposit boxes and says they’re “gold digger proof.”

He also says if Laura is insistent on sending the kids to school she better start “selling that p**sy.”


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