Oh Really? 50 Cent Says He Lied About Owning That Mansion in Africa


50 Cent isn’t leaving quite as lavishly as he led all of us to believe — at least that’s what he’s telling the court. He now says that he doesn’t actually own that mansion in Africa he flaunted on social media last year.


via TMZ:

The rap star filed legal docs in his bankruptcy case, saying, “I do not, nor have I ever owned, any real property in Africa.”  He included a picture of his Instagram post last year touting the mansion he claimed to have owned.

50’s trying to prove to creditors he’s not hiding assets … claiming he only makes it appear his lifestyle is super lavish in order to “move the needle” for fans who idolize that “50 Cent” persona.

We wonder what else 50’s going to claim he doesn’t really have…

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