Oh No Ma'am: NYC Woman Coughs on Bagel Shop Patrons After Getting Called Out for Not Wearing a Mask [Video]

A woman was rightfully called out for not wearing a mask inside a local bagel shop — so she decided to start coughing on people in the vicinity.

What she didn’t realize, however, is that she was being recorded.

via TMZ:

The incident recently went down in Astoria, Queens at a bagel shop called New York City Bagel Coffee House — and, apparently, one of the customers who was wearing a mask noticed this gal without one while coughing, not covering her mouth … and going mask-less.

The masked patron suggested to one of the staffers that they enforce a mandatory mask-on policy while inside the building — and after overhearing her complaint, this woman lost it.

You can see for yourself what exactly she does and how she starts to conduct herself — but here’s a hint … it’s a lot of childish name-calling and then straight up flagrant coughing. It’s crazy, ’cause once this woman turns around and sees she’s being recorded … she makes a face that basically says, “S***, I’ve been caught on camera acting like a jackass.”

She sure was, and not only that … people online are ID’ing her and finding out where she works, etc. The typical ‘Karen’ treatment if you will, only this is the COVID-19 edition.

But wait, there’s more … according to the woman who was coughed on, the employees didn’t do a damn thing and they STILL served this wacko … supposedly, not even checking on the victim or anything. That left the cough-ee furious and vowing never to return.

We don’t condone violence, but we can’t say that these hands wouldn’t have started flying the second her breath got too close.

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