Oh? Drake Is Reportedly Buying Presents for Taylor Swift's Cats


These Drake x Taylor Swift rumors won’t seem to go away.

According to new reports, Drake has been courting Taylor by getting her cats lavish gifts.

Yes, her cats.

via NYDN:

“Drake knows the way to Taylor’s heart and he’s going for it in a big way,” an insider recently told Hollywood Life. “He stopped in PetCo and went buck wild on cat accessories for Taylor. He went all out. He’s also preparing to send her this sick designer bag that she can put her cats in when she’s traveling.”

The musical duo first turned heads back in October when Swift, in a sleek black ensemble, showed up at the Canadian rapper’s 30th birthday bash alongside her girl squad.

The “Hotline Bling” singer further fueled relationshp rumors by sharing a snap of himself and his pop star party guest on Instagram. But the post also gave birth to new rumor — that the duo is collaborating on some new music.

A source told E! News the pair, who have a combined 11 Grammy wins, 56 nominations and 7 chart-toppers between them, that “the music they have been wokring on is different,” but “very catchy.

“Both are having a great time in the studio.”

And given Drake’s parade of presents for the “Wildest Dreams” singer, we don’t doubt it.

“It’s Drake being Drake and his way of letting her know that she’s good people and keeping her close to him,” the Hollywood Life source said. “He knows how much she adores her cats and Drake wants her to know that he adores her just as much.”

We have a strange feeling Taylor’s camp is responsible for putting this in the media.

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