Offset Requests To Have A $950K Judgment Over A Supposedly Stolen Bentley Reversed

In 2019, Offset was accused by the Los Angeles vehicle rental company Platinum Motorsports (PML) of bailing on a 2020 Bentley Bentayaga he allegedly borrowed and never returned. The company sued the Migos rapper, demanding he pay $950,027.35 for the vehicle. Offset ended up defaulting on the lawsuit and was required by the courts to pay the lofty sum.

via: Uproxx

According to Offset, the car was rented by Oriel Williams, the mother of one of his five children, a fact that was made clear to the rental company, Platinum Transportation Group. He had agreed to cover the cost, but when Williams alerted him that the car had gone missing in July 2020, he says he immediately informed the company and was told that PML would report the car stolen.

However, it seems he didn’t know he would be held liable for it, as he was never listed as an additional driver on the rental agreement to his knowledge. “Not hearing otherwise from PML or the Los Angeles Police Department in 2020 or thereafter, I assumed that the Bentley — which was very unique and which I believed was protected with OnStar or some other electronic detection device — had either been recovered or that any loss had been covered by PML’s insurance,” he wrote in the statement.

However, the car was worth only $177,521, and Offset says PML misled the court to obtain a higher judgment. He says he was never served the lawsuit in the first place, due to the company mailing it to an address previously rented by his father and where he never lived. In addition to saying he did not authorize his father to receive his mail, Offset also asserts that he only found out about the lawsuit when his wife Cardi B‘s entertainment law firm noticed it in the LA Superior Court computer system.

A hearing has been set for May to resolve the issue, with no comments on the record as yet from Platinum’s legal counsel.

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