Officers Did Find Drugs During Second Search of Bobbi Kristina's Home, Friend Who Found Her Allegedly Once Drugged His Girlfriend [Photos]


Initial reports stated that no drugs were found in the home of Bobbi Kristina after the 21-year-old was found face down in the bathtub, but new reports today suggest otherwise.

According TMZ, members of Bobbi Kristina’s family informed the site that officers did in fact find drugs during a second search of the home. What drugs is still unclear.

Equally interesting is who else was present at the home when Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive.

New reports indicate that Maxwell Lomas was present at the time.

Maxwell, who’s been friends with Nick for at least two years, is a 24-year-old Duluth resident with multiple prior arrests.

His most recent arrest occurred on January 14 after his then-girlfriend’s family informed police that they believed he was holding their daughter Danyela Bradley against her will and drugging her.

Police responded to the call, but Danyela informed the officers that she was not being forcibly held.

During their response, police found marijuana and a gun, and Lomax was arrested for possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Bobbi Kristina’s condition is still unknown, but our thoughts continue to be with her family and friends.

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