Odell Beckham Jr. 'Will NOT Face Criminal Charges' After Assault Claim

Odell Beckham Jr. will not face criminal charges after being accused of assaulting a woman at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

via: New York Post

Last month, the NFL wideout was accused of approaching the unnamed woman and grabbing her slightly by the throat.

Surveillance footage from the nightclub Delilah “contradicts the complaining witness’ account of events,” prosecutors said, according to TMZ.

“The video does not capture any battery,” they continued.

The prosecutors also said there were no witnesses to corroborate the accuser’s allegations, including a friend who had been standing with her, who apparently did not see the incident take place.

Ultimately, officials concluded that they had “insufficient evidence to prove case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“We were contacted about an investigation and reviewed the videos, the claim is false,” Delilah owner John Terizan said when Beckham Jr. was accused. “There is no evidence of this person even being in the area where she claims the incident occurred.”

A rep for Beckham Jr. denied the claims at the time they were made.

After sitting out all of last season following a torn ACL sustained during the Rams’ Super Bowl victory in early 2022, Beckham Jr. signed a one-year deal with the Ravens worth at least $15 million, and up to $18 million if various incentives are reached.

“Lamar, if you’re watching, I’d love to get to work with you,” Beckham Jr. said in his introductory press conference, hoping to induce the quarterback to return to the team amid a contract standoff. “When you think about the Ravens, you definitely think about Lamar.”

Jackson ultimately agreed to a five-year deal worth $260 million, with $185 guaranteed.

“For the last five months there’s been a lot of he-said, she-said, a lot of nail-biting, a lot of head-scratching going on,” Jackson said when the deal was announced. “But for the next five years, there’s a lot of [Ravens] Flock going on. Let’s go, baby. Let’s go. Let’s go, man. Can’t wait to get there. Can’t wait to be there. Can’t wait to light up M&T [Bank Stadium] for the next five years. Let’s get it.”

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