Odell Beckham Jr. Now Has Diamond Crosses Implanted Into His Teeth [Video]

Odell Beckham Jr. stepped his jewelry game up a notch.

The NY Giants star now has diamond crosses implanted in his teeth.

via TMZ:

OBJ had the procedure done a few days ago … and it wasn’t cheap — coming in at around $5,000 — and his dentist tells TMZ Sports it wasn’t exactly easy to do, either.

“I got my ceramus to make a porcelain veneer that looked just like his tooth,” New York dentist Dr. Lee Gause says.

“And then, on that porcelain veneer, I got a diamond cross made from Odell’s jeweler that he actually made on a 3D rendering that I printed and sent to his shop.”

Gause tells us he then locked in the jewels on Odell’s canine teeth … and they ain’t removable unless Beckham returns to the dentist’s chair.

Take a look at the video below.

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