Odell Beckham Accused of Trying to Pay $1,000 for Sex

Odell Beckham is being accused by the man he allegedly beat up of trying to pay a woman for sex.

via TMZ:

It’s all in new court docs filed in California … in which Ishmael Temple claims he was at Beckham’s Beverly Hills home back in January, when the NFL star turned on him and allegedly ordered his employees to beat him up. 

Temple claims he suffered major injuries, including broken teeth. He initially sued for $15 mil. 

Odell’s camp vehemently denied the allegations — claimed Beckham had no involvement in any violence — and claimed Beckham was being extorted by a man who filed a frivolous lawsuit. 

But, Temple’s lawyers have filed new docs — including an alleged email exchange with Beckham’s attorneys — and it’s loaded with new bombshell allegations. 

Among them, Temple’s attorney claims, “We have evidence of your client offering $1k to sleep with a girl from Arizona visiting L.A. known to my client.”

Temple’s lawyer also says they have “evidence of drugs of the most prohibited types readily available and consumed at his parties.”

In the docs, Temple’s lawyer claims Beckham’s camp offered $225,000 to drop the lawsuit — but the offer was later rescinded. Unclear why. 

We reached out to Odell’s camp for comment and were told — “Odell Beckham Jr., through his attorney, denies all of the allegations.”

One thing’s for sure … this case is as nasty as it gets, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. 

The idea of Odell Beckham having to pay someone for sex is laughable, but stranger things have been true.

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