O.J. Simpson, Of All People, Is Taking A Stand Against Defunding The Police [Video]

O.J. Simpson is showing his support to Los Angeles County law enforcement.

via: Uproxx

O.J. Simpson has tangled with the law on more than one (high-profile) occasion. There was, of course, that mid-1990s double murder trial, in which Simpson famously brandished the above gloves, which his Dream Team alleged were planted by problematic Detective Mark Fuhrman. The incident would lead one to believe that The Juice is not exactly a pro-cop kind of guy. And a subsequently-surfaced interview, in which he meticulously detailed Nicole Brown Simpson’s “hypothetical” murder, would support that chain of thought. And then there’s the fact that O.J. was convicted in 2008 (and served hard time) for 10 charges (ranging from armed robbery to kidnapping).

For the latter set of crimes, O.J. emerged on parole after nine years in prison, and he now spends his days making video rants for “Twitter world.” In his latest installment, he became an unlikely proponent of not defunding the police. There’s no telling why he oddly transitions into talking about the January 6 hearings. Here’s what O.J. had to say about law enforcement and funding in general after an election development:

“In Los Angeles, they voted to defund the Sheriff’s Department. I think that’s all wrong. I spent a little time in one of our institutions, and trust me, we need police. We need the Sheriff’s Department. I’ve always said they should just redirect some of those funds to better training, and I’ve always said [they should be] expanding the IA. The Internal Affairs who investigate the police, but defunding the police as a whole, or the Sheriff’s Department as a whole? No.”

The entire subject of the argument aside, it’s difficult to accept a “trust me” from O.J. Simpson. Yet at least he appears to be staying out of felony territory lately while emerging in bizarre TikTok videos for the masses, and he goes golfing a lot. Alright!

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