NYPD Heard Telling Officers to 'Shoot Those Motherf*ckers' and Run Over Protesters on Leaked Scanner Audio [Video]

NYPD officers allegedly urged police to shoot and run over protesters — all over the citywide police scanner.

via TMZ:

As protesters marched toward the 77th Precinct in Brooklyn, you could hear someone on the scanner calling in to describe the scene before another voice urges cops to, “Shoot those motherf*****s.”

Later in the evening, the scanner picked up what sounded like officers saying they were surrounded by protesters near the intersection of Albany and Dean Streets in Crown Heights. A voice on the scanner responds, “Run them over.”

Obviously, the scanner broadcasts are beyond alarming IF they really came from police officers. NYPD tells us … they’re aware of the comments and are looking into it.

TMZ independently found the radio transmissions on a website that records police scanners — so the audio is legit. However, law enforcement sources tell us … during this latest wave of civil unrest, police radios have gone missing, and there is a possibility the transmissions on the scanner did not originate from police.

As you know … NYPD officers have been physically clashing with protesters for days, with an officer appearing to pull a gun on demonstrators, and cops appearing to drive a police car into a crowd of protesters behind a barricade.

Listen to the not-so-shocking audio below.

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