Not So Fast: Despite Bobby Brown's Claim, Houston Family Says Bobbi Kristina NOT 'Awake'


And the saga continues.

Less than 24 hours after footage was shared online of Bobby Brown informing Dallas concertgoers that Bobbi Kristina is awake, the Houston family has hit back at his claim.

According to TMZ, Bobbi Kristina is still unresponsive and remains on life support.

A source who spoke with TMZ claims to have no idea where Bobby is getting his information.

“She’s in the exact same condition she was in when she went into the facility.”

According to the source, Bobbi Kristina occasionally blinks an eye, but that’s the extent of her movement.

Perhaps the Brown and Houston families should coordinate their stories or remain silent until both parties are ready to reveal Bobbi Kristina’s condition. I’m sure neither side wants to make a spectacle of this already-horrific situation.

As always, our thoughts are with Bobbi Kristina and those close to her.

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