Not So Fast! Lee Daniels Says Jussie Smollett Will NOT Be Returning to 'Empire'

Lee Daniels took to social media to clear up a report from Variety suggesting that ‘Empire’ writers were working on Jussie Smollett’s return to the series.

According to the erroneous report, writers of the show have been exploring how to bring Jussie back for the back half of the upcoming sixth season. It also suggested that there was tension between the show’s primarily Black cast members, who think Jussie is innocent, and the mostly white “below-the-line crew” who believe Jussie is guilty.

Lee Daniels swiftly shut the entire report down, saying “This is not factual. Jussie will NOT be returning to Empire.”

And there it is. We wonder who planted that initial story to begin with…

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