Not So Fast! Harvard Says Blac Chyna Was NOT Admitted Into Business School and Never Issued an Acceptance Letter to Angela White


Blac Chyna made (some) headlines this morning by claiming she got accepted into Harvard Business School.

Specifically, she said she was accepted to take a Harvard Online course called Business Analytics.

As it turns out, it was all a scheme set up by a man who goes by Christian Emiliano.

via TMZ:

Christian’s email pitch … for $3,250, “Our team will complete all the course work for you, all you have to do is take one test (we will provide you the study guide) and then take credit for the program.” Once completed, Chyna could add the Harvard education to her resume and improve her brand. 

It gets better … “You can go on the Harvard campus and take a picture with a Harvard hoodie on / you can post updates on your snapchat and Instagram Story.” As for where the $3,250 goes … “$2,250 for the course/$1000 for us to complete the entire course for you.” 

We contacted Chyna’s people, and although they acknowledge they got Christian’s pitch, Chyna never hired him and decided to take the course on her own. Christian confirmed that to us as well. 

Turns out … after we posted our story this morning, another social media star also posted her admission letter to the Harvard Business School Online course. 

So, Christian may not be Rick Singer — the guy who got Olivia Jade and Isabella into USC after Lori Loughlin and her husband paid $500k — but his proposal seems to offer the same underhanded way to succeed in college without really trying.

Harvard went on record and told TMZ that “Harvard Business School Online has not admitted nor provided an acceptance letter to a person named Angela White.” 

We’ve seen this ‘Harvard Business School’ acceptance pop up in a few places online. The alleged fraud definitely isn’t a good look.

Interestingly enough, if you look at Chyna’s alleged acceptance letter here, you can see that it looks a lot like this acceptance letter template we turned up in a quick Google search here.

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