Not So Fast! Flo Rida Denies Deadbeat Dad Accusations, Insists He Pays His Baby Mama $5k Monthy

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Flo Rida is NOT here for his baby mama’s deadbeat dad accusations. In fact, he insists he pays her $5,000 a month.

via TMZ:

Sources close to Flo tell TMZ he’s been making monthly payments of $5k to Alexis Adams to care for their 7-month-old son, and feels blindsided by her taking him to court. We’re told Flo and Alexis both agreed on the amount, but he thinks she’s being greedy by asking a judge to force him to pay more.

He says they were never a couple.

Alexis acknowledges she’s been getting payments, but feels it isn’t nearly enough to support herself and the baby — considering his ailments, and the high cost of living in NYC. She claims she can’t afford child care, so she can’t leave the baby and go to work.

Our Alexis sources say she never agreed the $5k was a fair amount, but accepted it because she needed the money.

If she accepted the payments without fuss, then that means she agreed to it…at one point.

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