Not So Fast: DaBaby Says He Slapped Someone, But Not the Woman Speaking Out

DaBaby’s alleged victim spoke out, saying she was diagnosed with a bruised cheekbone — but DaBaby says that woman isn’t even the woman he slapped.

Apparently, more than one victim keeps popping up.

via TMZ:

We broke the story … DaBaby brutally assaulted a fan before his Saturday night gig in Tampa while walking through the crowd. Tyronesha Laws claims she’s the one DaBaby slapped, but his legal team says not so fast.

DaBaby’s attorney, Drew Findling, tells TMZ … enhanced video shows DaBaby slapping an individual who struck his left eye with what appears to be a phone with the flashlight on — NOT the person standing to the left or the right of the individual shoving the phone in his face.

That’s interesting because Tyronesha told us she was standing next to a young lady who reached with a phone — flashlight activated — toward DaBaby right before he allegedly smacked her in the face.

Findling says his law firm has been contacted by multiple people claiming to be the victim, but they haven’t been able to establish the real identity.

DaBaby’s already apologized to the woman he struck, saying he thought he was hitting a guy and couldn’t tell the difference because of the light in his face.

None of this would be happening of DaBaby wasn’t so reactive and kept his hands to himself.

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