Normani Says Her Upcoming ‘Genre-Bending’ Single Is ‘Probably Not What Everyone Is Expecting’ From Her [Photos]

Normani spilled some cryptic tea via social media on Tuesday (Feb. 8) about the sound of her next single.

via: Uproxx

Ever since she released her epic video for “Motivation” back in 2019, Normani has left fans desperately awaiting a new project. Unfortunately, her official debut has yet to be released, leaving many to hope that this is the year it finally arrives. While we’ll have to wait and see about that, Normani recently teased her upcoming single during a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram. It began with a post to her Instagram story that read, “What do you think my next single sounds like?” on a piece of paper surrounded by colorful questions.

Many of Normani’s followers replied, with one saying, “I want your next single to sound like I’m on a cloud and I’m just drifting in your sound.” The singer replied, “You’re so cuteee. This one is really unique and different for me. Probably not what everyone is expecting.” Another person said her next song might be an R&B record like her most recent single, “Wild Side” with Cardi B. Normani replied, “Genre bending for sure. It’s just a great record” with a crying face emoji.

Aside from these tidbits, Normani did not reveal when the song will arrive and if it will have any guest features. This comes after she revealed that her upcoming debut album is “almost done” during an interview with Ciara.

Okay Normani, let’s see what you got.

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