Nicole Murphy Is a Lying Scallywag, She DID Release a Statement Calling Antoine Fuqua a 'Family Friend' -- And We Have the Receipts [Exclusive]

Nicole Murphy took her homewrecking self on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ this morning and lied through her teeth.

Now, we usually don’t do this — but Nicole had the nerve to lie on us as part of her ‘damage control’ campaign after she was caught kissing the VERY married Antoine Fuqua.

After the photos went public, B. Scott personally reached out to Nicole to clarify what exactly we were seeing in those photos.

Here was their exchange:


Let’s back this ALL the way up — back in July, after we ran Nicole’s exclusive statement and various outlets picked it up, Nicole released a second statement to TMZ trying to clear things up. At no point did she deny our statement, contact us, or anything of the sorts.

Lisa Raye told you who Nicole was. Da Brat told you who Nicole was. And now Lela Rochon is finding out the hard way.

Nicole, girl, bye.

Update: You know we had to drop an emergency episode of ‘The B. Scott Show’ podcast to discuss all this foolishness.

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