Nicki Minaj Shuts Down Benzino After He Says She And Coi Leray Has A Collab Together [Photos + Video]

Coi Leray’s rocky relationship with her father Benzino took another hit on Monday (February 21). Benzino spoke in a Clubhouse room over the weekend and teased a collaboration between his daughter and Nicki Minaj.

via: Hot97

While on Clubhouse, Benzino shared that his daughter, Coi Leray, is working on her new album. While talking the album, Benzino revealed that Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj, has a collab on the album together. “Her album is gonna be dope. She [Coi Leray] got the song with Nicki Minaj that’s gonna be coming out that’s gonna be crazy.”

Nicki Minaj must’ve caught wind of Benzino’s comments as she jumped on Instagram and says that she solely focused on herself. She says, “I don’t have a collar coming with anyone. Onika mode. Love you..”

Coi Leray then responded to her father’s comments via Instagram live. She says, “when people was yappin’ they mouth on the Clubhouse he felt like he had to defend himself but I had to tell my dad, he’s an OG and he was super-super big back in the day and everybody knows my dad’s an OG. He gotta play the back, gracefully.”

Benzino later jumped on Twitter and apologized to both the ladies. “I just wanna apologize to Coi, Nicki everyone involved, I meant no harm nor did I mean to offend or disrespect anyone. I know better, it’s a business of trust and I broke that. I feel horrible and sad. I am 100 percent in the wrong and it will never happen again. Smh.”

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