Nicki Minaj Returns with New Single ‘Last Time I Saw You’ [Video]

Nicki Minaj is getting in touch with her emotional side with her new single “Last Time I Saw You.”

via Uproxx:

On “Last Time I Saw You,” Nicki taps into her vocals, delivering a pop and R&B-influenced hit with a painfully relatable message. Throughout the song, she expresses regret for not holding someone closer the last time she saw them.

“I wish I’da hugged you tighter the last time that I saw you / I wish l didn’t waste precious time that night when I called you / I wish I remembered to say I’d do anything for you / Maybe I pushed you away because I thought that I’d bore you,” she sings.

With “Last Time I Saw You,” the Barbz are sure to keep the song on repeat as they dance this form of universal pain away.

Nicki hasn’t revealed too much about her upcoming album, but back in July, she teased a “masterpiece,” saying that her new collection of songs would “save & restore hope in mankind.”

Get into it below.

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