Nicki Minaj Jumped On The Viral NPC TikTok Trend But Had A Hilariously Hard Time Keeping Up [Video]

Nicki Minaj has joined the viral NPC TikTok trend that has seemingly swept the globe this summer.

via: Uproxx

As she continues to work hard on the final touches of her forthcoming album, Pink Friday 2, Nicki took a break to let loose on TikTok. During her livestream on Sunday (August 13), she jumped on the viral NPC TikTok trend but had a hilariously hard time keeping up.

In the screen-recorded clip shared by Pop Base, as fans flood her broadcast with different virtual skins and items for her to turn into a sound effect, she couldn’t keep up. Nicki is a lyrical beast on the microphone, but her on-the-spot improvisation in alignment with the fad could use some work.

To explain the movement, the NPC (or “non-playable character”) trend, made popular by viral star PinkyDoll, is a role-play exercise where the broadcast pretends to be an idle background user in a video game controlled by those in the stream. With each gift, item, or skin donated, the streamer must incorporate a fun verbal quip about it once it appears on the screen.

Nicki managed to nail the microphone emoji effect, saying, “You know what I do on the mic. I destroy these h*es.” However, as more items, including an animated breakfast combo and a medieval helmet (great helm), she laughed her way through it as she tried to find the perfect catchphrase.

At one point, she even broke character when fans shared a hearted hand gif with her. “I told y’all about them hands. Don’t get blocked,” yelled Nicki.

Nicki Minaj might not have a future as the next big NPC TikToker, but she still is one of the greatest rappers ever to enter the spotlight.

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