Nicki Minaj Feels She Won the Cardi B 'Fight' Because Queen Radio Is a Success and People Watched Her 'Barbie Dreams' Video

We heard how Nicki Minaj feels about Cardi B in the wake of their Fashion Week scuffle when Nicki popped off on Queen Radio, but now she’s making it clear through TMZ that she truly feels she came out of the mess on top.

via TMZ:

Nicki’s podcast, “Queen Radio,” was trending at the top of Twitter Monday and the show has been sitting pretty at #1 on Apple Music … all the result of the publicity Nicki’s getting off the fight. Sources say her listeners quadrupled last week from the week prior

Not just that, but we’re told Nicki believes her strong debut numbers for her new music video for “Barbie Dreams” is partially due to Cardi’s antics. The video’s already got over 5 million views after just one day of being released.

There’s also this … apparently, Nicki’s been getting blown up a lot more for appearance requests and concert bookings in the last few days.

One last parting shot … we’re told Nicki believes Cardi’s the one who’s been made to look like a laughingstock after the shoe-throwing incident, especially after she walked away with a fat knot above her eye. She’s been kinda getting the meme treatment … no arguing that.

Besides, sources say Nicki feels like her friends in hip-hop and celebs in general are siding with her and praising how she handled the situation. Cardi, of course, feels differently.

It’s interesting how Nicki puts so much focus on Queen Radio being #1 when it has nothing to do with her album or her music. We’re not sure what exactly she’s trying to prove other than what we already know — people tune into drama.

Check out the “Barbie Dreams” video below.


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