Nicki Minaj Countersues Former Stylist for $12,000 + Releases 'Good Form' Video feat. Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj was sued by her former stylist earlier this year for allegedly not returning $74,000 worth of clothes — but Nicki Minaj says that she doesn’t owe him any money and that he actually owes HER money.

via TMZ:

Nicki’s countersuing Maher Jridi, who was her stylist in 2017 and hit her with a lawsuit in October for allegedly not returning nearly $74k worth of fancy clothes. Minaj denies Jridi’s allegations and is firing back some of her own, claiming she overpaid him $12,000 for stylist services and he kept the cash.

According to the docs … Nicki has an email chain proving Jridi knew about the overpayment and agreed to return it, but never did. She’s now countersuing him for the $12k plus legal fees.

Minaj is also asking the court to dismiss Jridi’s original suit.

As we reported … Maher’s known for being the man behind Nicki’s famous wardrobe during 2017’s Paris Fashion Week.

We reached out to Maher … he says what Nicki’s claiming is false and the legal process will show that.

So…what happened to the clothes?

Would this be a good time to mention Nicki dropped the “Good Form” video today? Get into it below.

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