Nicki Minaj Caused Chaos Among The Barbz By Dropping A Ranking Of Her Own Albums On Social Media |

The Queen has spoken. Nicki Minaj took to X on Friday (Dec. 22) to give her definitive ranking of all the albums in her discography, with a loving reminder to her devoted Barbz that all thoughts and opinions are subjective.

via: Uproxx

Nicki’s new album, Pink Friday 2, has only been out for a few days — but it seems the rapper has some thoughts about how it compares to her past records. Today, she took to Twitter to share her ranking regarding her discography. And fans had a ton of reactions to the placements.

Given its recency and her love for it, Minaj put Pink Friday 2 at the top spot. After that, in second place, she had her 2014 album, The Pinkprint.

To round out the top five, Queen came at No. 3, the original Pink Friday was at No. 4, and Minaj’s Pink Friday Roman Reloaded (The Re-Up) was No. 5. She also made a point to note that anyone’s rankings are valid.

“But I truly respect all gag city resident opinions,” Minaj tweeted. “What the albums mean to you is your own truth based on where you were in your own life.”

Some fans agreed that The Pinkprint deserved one of the higher spots. “queen above pink friday is CRAZY but thank god there’s democracy in gag city cause pinkprint still sitting pretty at the top,” one wrote.

And others reiterated that they felt her 2018 album, Queen, should’ve been lower. In the end, as Minaj mentioned, the Barbz were very divided.

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