Nicki Minaj Caught On Camera Making Fun of Woman in a Wheelchair? [Video]

Nicki Minaj Makes Fun Wheelchair

Nicki Minaj is under fire this morning for making fun of someone riding in a wheelchair.

In a clip posted to her Instagram account, Nick and her friends were laughing and joking around when Nicki points her wand at a woman in an electric wheelchair and says, “I command you to walk!” while bursting into laughter.

Now, some people say the woman is disabled, others are saying that the¬†person Nicki & crew are laughing is actually her makeup artist who was just drunk and didn’t want to walk.

Since Nicki’s the one who posted the video herself, we’re inclined to believe the latter. Watch it below and let us know your thoughts.

Update: Just like we thought, Nicki confirmed the woman is indeed her friend.

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