Nick Cannon Pens Emotional Letter to his 'Sister', Amanda Bynes:

Amanda Bynes Puppy Lovebscott

Amanda Bynes is said to be responding quickly and dramatically to medications after being placed on an involuntary 5150 hold for psychiatric evaluation. Sources even say she’s remarkably polite and has stopped insulting people.

Longtime friend of Amanda’s, Nick Cannon took the opportunity to write a beautiful open letter to Amanda offering his support.

As we all know I do interviews every single day about all my various projects, whether promoting AGT, Wild’N Out, my album, my stand-up special, NCredible consumer products, and various philanthropic and charitable efforts. Usually during these interviews I am consistently questioned about my wife, my kids, and my health and I happily answer them all. But as of lately I have been hit with an onslaught of questions about someone I consider family, someone I watched grow up, and someone I genuinely feel is one of the most pleasant human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting, Amanda Bynes.

The questions have ranged from, “Have you spoken to Amanda” to “Are you working on her rap album”. Sometimes I would answer in a playful humorous manner and sometimes I would brush it off as another Pop culture topic that a reporter was trying to retrieve a sound bite for. But after recent events of Amanda being admitted under psychiatric care and reported as 5150, I see this as no laughing matter. I tweeted a few weeks about how the entertainment industry just consumes people and spits them out like flavorless bubblegum. A few chews of enjoyment then they’re under a city bus bench.

You can read the full letter via his website.


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