Nick Cannon Defends Chris Brown, Says Black Men Are Unfairly Targeted [Video]

Nick Cannon and Chris Brown have teamed up for ‘She Ball,’ upcoming movie centered around women’s basketball — and some people aren’t thrilled with Nick for working with Chris due to his abusive past.

When asked about the backlash, Nick said he believes there’s a double standard in Hollywood when it comes to white and Black male actors.

via TMZ:

Cannon quickly snapped back at our guy at LAX Wednesday when he asked Nick about all the hate over teaming up with Chris Brown for a new movie because of CB’s history with domestic violence.

“What about Sean Penn?” Nick asked, “They ever hate on his past and the movies he did?”

For the record — Penn’s faced allegations for years that he abused Madonna while they were married in the ’80s … but Madonna claims Penn never struck her. Brown was convicted of felony assault for beating up Rihanna.

Still, Cannon says society wants to make black men look like monsters anytime they can. He also tells us his upcoming movie with Brown — an indie flick called “She Ball” about a women’s street basketball team — is going to be a must-see.

Nick does have a point, but maybe Chris Brown isn’t the best example to illustrate said point.

Watch the video below.

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