The NFL Tried to Bribe Players with $100 Million to Stop Kneeling and Protesting During Games, It Didn't Work

The NFL tried to buy their players off with almost $100 million so they’d stop protesting at games — but no deal was made.

via TMZ:

The NFL recently proposed a deal in which they’d contribute $89 million over seven years to 2 organizations focused on African-American causes, as well as to the Players Coalition so they could use the money for whatever causes they wanted.

In exchange, the NFL wanted the National Anthem protests to end — but the deal seems to have failed. Many players continued to kneel and demonstrate during this week’s games.

The L.A. Chargers’ left tackle Russel Okung raised his fist during the National Anthem Sunday, and the Oakland Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch remained seated for the song. L.A. Rams player Robert Quinn raised his fist as well, and other players linked arms in solidarity.

At least 6 other players between Miami, New Orleans and San Francisco all took a knee after some of them publicly raised issues with the proposed deal from their bosses. 

We’re happy the players kneeled stood their ground.


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