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X Factor Alums Melanie Amaro & Astro Dropped From Record Label


This isn’t looking good X-Factor!

After two seasons of dismal ratings and revolving judges and hosts, two of the season one alums of the Fox singing competition have been dropped by their record label.

Melanie Amaro, the winner of the first season, and rapper Astro have both been removed the the Epic Records roster as of today. Melanie had four singles released, three of which were promo for her debut album, and performed on season two of The X Factor to build anticipation and unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, as none of Melanie’s singles ever charted.

Astro has less luck, only gaining one real appearance, as a feature on the UK single-version of Cher Llyod’s massive hit “Want U Back”, but critics unanimously slammed the young rapper’s added verse on the pop song.

In response to her dropping, Melanie tweeted the following:

Are you guys sad that you won’t be getting Melanie and Astro’s debut albums? Or could you care less?


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but surely I’m not: This has got to be the first time a WINNER of a major singing competition got dropped before getting a single album release! What a slap in the face to everyone who voted for her week after week for, ultimately, nothing. What an unbelievable waste of talent.

  2. I blame LA Reid and Simon. Maybe another label will pick her up.

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