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Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symoné Defend Bill Cosby: ‘He Has Not Been Proven a Rapist’

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Bill Cosby’s sworn testimony from a 2005 deposition in which he admitted acquiring drugs to slip to women he intended to have sex with is NOT enough for Whoopi Goldberg or Raven Symone to consider him a rapist.


On today’s episode of The View Whoopi Goldberg stood by her claim that Cosby is innocent. She told viewers;

“Save your texts, save your nasty comments, I don’t care. I say this because this is my opinion, and in America still, I know it’s a shock, but you actually were innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven a rapist.”

Not too far behind was new host Raven Symone who didn’t have too much to say, but ultimately echoed Whoopi’s sentiments about requiring proof.

“I don’t like to talk about it that much, because he’s the reason I’m on this panel in the first place, he gave me my first job. At the same time, you need the proof. Then I’ll be able to give my judgment here or there.”

What more proof do you need, Raven?


  1. I don’t often agree with Janice Dickinson, but when I saw her say that she used to respect Whoopi, but doesn’t any longer, I’m right there with her. Raven Symone isn’t much better, but she’s kind of young and I can somewhat see that publicly condemning him isn’t in her best interests; pulling those Cosby re-rurns will hit her hard in the pocketbook. Whoopi on the other hand has no excuse whatsoever, and her credibility and good opinion no longer exist in my eyes. What is with defending a serial rapist because he’s been rich and powerful enough to escape conviction? And I also take umbrage with people who defend Cosby on the premise that simply because he never raped them makes him innocent. Ted Bundy never killed me either, but that hardly means he wasn’t still a monster.

  2. He’s a scumbag and an adulterer, BUT he gave, and they took……… Come ON! They were with it, trying to come up! They may all be embarrasssed because they now know they were NOT special! He admitted to being a LOSER, NOT a rapist!!

  3. You DO NEED PROOF! Just because a bunch of people ACCUSE you of something DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE! NOT ONE MEMBER of that continuous bunch HAS PROOF!!! NONE OF THEM!! They don’t even have themselves as proof, FOR YEARS they FORGOT something so heinous, no record of going to the dr or therapists no mention to anyone then suddenly they all SUPPOSEDLY remember now! ????… You are in fact INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, point blank, and the, period. #SHOWmeTheRECEIPTS #fantasy

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